sunflower-about_640‘Just Be’ Time — a resource to help you Release Stress, Find Peace and Gain Energy by De-cluttering the physical, emotional and mental clutter. This blog was started to help motivate those who would like to learn how to de-clutter at all levels so that they can find time to Just Be.

The focus is to get rid of emotional and mental clutter that is the cause for physical clutter. Making time to ‘Just Be’ helps to detox — remove toxic emotions and thoughts — and live the life you would like for yourself. emphasizes the importance to cultivate the habit to JUST BE, with oneself as well as with others, without distractions.


To create a resource for those who would like to take charge of their lives.


To educate and motivate people to take charge of their lives to Release Stress, Find Peace and Gain Energy through a 3-Level Programme.



We are a team of two people on a similar journey:

Sushma Webber: I am a content writer for both the web and print media. I have worked as a volunteer in many not-for-profit organizations. I believe it is important to create a balance between the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of life.

My interests include mindful awareness practices, minimalist living, voluntary simplicity, De-cluttering regularly on all levels, and understanding the principles of a spiritual life. I am also interested in finding out how we can stay smart throughout our lives by developing the right habits and how it is possible to Rewire Your Brain in just 40 Days to change our lives.

Leigh Cain: